Local Authorities and Social Housing


Elite Impact Business Solutions works with numerous Local authorities and Housing Associations based across the UK to improve the energy efficiency of their housing stock, reduce emissions, meet sustainability targets, by providing energy measures such as Cavity Wall Insulation, Loft insulation, External Wall insulation and Electric storage Heaters under ECO funding in turn helping those tenants facing fuel poverty.

Residents living in social housing will benefit from ECO funding if their property is in the EPC band rating of E, F or G. ECO3 will also extend measures delivered under innovation to those social housing properties with an EPC band rating of D, E, F and G.

By partnering with Elite Impact we start by understanding your strategies, objectives and needs through an initial consultation followed by detailed research of your housing and building stock data. We then determine the funding options available to you and present a range of options for delivering energy efficiency and low carbon improvements.

By installing energy efficiency measures, social housing providers can improve the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating and interest of their housing stock for future residents whilst ensuring that tenants are warm, comfortable and save money on their energy bills. This is becoming quiet significant in times of rising energy prices, particularly for older properties and for elderly, disabled or vulnerable tenants. Acting to improve the energy efficiency of housing and building stock is a legal requirement on both public and private sector landlords under legislation such as the Energy Act 2011 and the Home Energy Conservation Act 2013.

Grants for social housing

Electric Storage Heaters, External wall, cavity wall and loft insulation grants

Suburban Family Home

Elite Impact Business Solutions have access to government funding and can obtain up to 70% funding for external wall insulation and 100% funding for some cavity wall insulation. By partnering with Elite Impact, we can help you to improve the energy efficiency of your housing stock by applying for these insulation grants and installing the Electric Storage Heaters, External wall, Cavity wall or Loft insulation.

Insulation is one of the most effective ways to increase your housing stock’s EPC rating, reduce damp and condensation, and improve the health and well-being of your tenants.

From start to finish, Elite Impact can manage the project of insulation measures for housing association. This includes:


 • Carrying out energy audits and EPC surveys on your housing stock.
 • Applying and obtaining insulation grants.
 • Installing the required measures such as Electric Storage Heater, external wall, cavity wall or loft insulation.
 • Liaising with tenants on the project’s development on your behalf and providing advice on saving energy.
 • Post Inspection once the work completed and provide the updated EPC.

Funding will also be available to those living in social housing for first central heating installations. In the current ECO2T period, social housing with electric storage heating was restricted from having funding towards a central heating upgrade. In ECO3 this criteria has been removed. However, the electric storage heaters must be either broken down or deemed inefficient.