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Generate your own electricity from the power of the sun

Solar PV systems are one of the most popular renewable energy technologies. They provide a constant flow of free renewable electricity all year round, which can really help you slash your energy bills. In our quest for sustainable and renewable energy electricity that leaves us less reliant of fossil fuels, solar energy and the development of efficient solar pv systems lies at the forefront of green technologies today. We see them being used for domestic houses and businesses but also produced on an industrial scale with solar farms that have transformed our landscape, bringing us ever closer to the technology that can make a difference to our lives and the planet we live on.

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

A solar panel works by what’s known as the photoelectric effect – the fact that some materials emit electrons when light is shone on them.

Inside each solar cell are 2 thin layers of silicon crystal. Both layers have been interfered with slightly so that their atoms are unstable. The atoms on the top layer all have 1 electron too many, and the atoms on the bottom layer all have too few electrons. Atoms don’t like having the wrong number of electrons, so the top ones are keen to get rid of their extra electrons, while the bottom ones are eager to acquire some.

However, the electrons need to be exposed to sunlight to give them the energy to get moving. And when electrons move, they create an electric current. At this stage, the electricity will be DC (direct current) – the kind of electricity you get in batteries – so you’ll have a device called an inverter, which turns it into AC (alternating current) electricity, the kind that comes off the mains and powers your home's appliances.

But this is Britain… it’s always raining!

As long as there’s daylight, solar panels will work; the sun doesn’t need to be beating down.


What’s more, thanks to the Government's Feed in Tariff you can now generate income from all the organic electricity your system produces. Not only will you reap the benefits of a greener and more energy efficient household, but get paid for utilizing your own renewable energy.

  • Generate FREE home grown electricity all year round

  • Get paid for the energy you produce through the Feed-in-Tariff

  • Reduce your fuel bills and cut CO2

  • No Greenhouse gas

  • Add value to your property


Solar PV is suitable for almost all homes in urban and rural locations around the UK — all you need is some unshaded roof space. The amount of energy received from the sun does vary across the country but not by a large amount.

The best position to receive the most direct sunlight is an unshaded, south to south-east facing roof at a 30° slope/pitch. Having a different roof pitch will only marginally effect the amount sunlight reaching the panels.

If you don't have southerly facing roof, it is not a problem. East-west splits are quite common and will produce roughly 85% of the energy of a south facing roof.


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